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Vote!!  Yes, that's the ticket.

It's essential that you register to vote in the November Election, if you haven't already registered.  Click here for information about registering.  It's essential that you vote and encourage your family, associates, and friends to vote.  You must vote to avoid a catastrophe for your children, grandchildren, and our country if Donald J. Trump is elected!  Want some information about how bad Donald Trump will be for the United States?  Click here.

"Ignorance is not a virtue."--Barack H. Obama,  2016

Barach Obama won the Presidential Elections in 2008 and 2012 because Democrats voted!  The Democrats lost control of the US Senate because not enough Democrats voted.  They took a break!  That cost President Obama and the American people significantly in loss of several of President Obama's programs and progress in America.

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland did not cause loss of jobs and business in Ohio during the 2008 economic downturn.  President George W. Bush, his cronies, and economic policies caused those losses.  Ignorance in not a virtue.

Is your cell phone really worth even one life?
Don't talk/text and drive!!

Reynoldsburg Ward Maps
Reynoldsburg Ward Maps published.  Click here.